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Developing a new site!

Many of you know I have dabbled in doing web sites for years.  At my highest I had about 22 web sites.  That’s too many for someone who had a real job too. LOL Well, I am down to only a few now. However, I’ve been pondering what I will do when I retire – which hopefully will come someday …Continue reading →


Old Year – New Year – New Beginnings! Take Time to Make Changes!

It’s been an interesting 2015!  What a year!  If we look to what has happened we can cite a lot of terror and some were shocking – like the Paris attacks and then the attacks in the USA. People handle difficult situations differently.  Some will not watch the news – that can reduce some of the trauma but some attacks are …Continue reading →


What Is Essential for Success?

When people say they want to succeed – there are variations to what their success actually means to each individual. However, success has a basic underlying definition to grant the individual contentment and a certain level of peace. Success is not always about money.  It is about peace and happiness.  We too often forget that success is not about money but …Continue reading →


Life Gets Hectic! AMEN!

When we say life gets hectic we are really saying that life is so busy we feel a bit overwhelmed. When I was growing up – many years ago – people would say the new inventions were going to give us more time – especially more leisure time. So now we have the iphone, ipad, notepads, etc. etc. etc. What …Continue reading →


Up and Running Again! Hallelujah!!!

Up and running again!  Hallelujah! There have been some glitches that caused our site to be down.  It was ‘on hold’ even though we had the registration up to date and the hosting was all paid up.  We had to contact the right people to get the issue resolved. Life is like that.  We have to make the right connections …Continue reading →


Human Race Commonalities!

Summer can mean different things for different people. Those from the North relate this as a time of year for enjoying the warm sunny days, the beautiful flower gardens, Summer picnics and if near water at great time at the beach. For those in the south – especially those in Florida, the Summer days are a drudgery.   Summer mean long, hot, …Continue reading →


What Season Is It?

Here in Florida many of us hold on to each late Spring cold front and thank God for each as a blessing.  You see, here in Florida we have three temperatures.  Hot, Hotter and Hottest.  It is Hot in the Winter, Hotter in the Spring and Hottest in the Summer. Those of you who live in the North have the …Continue reading →

Spring – it’s a new season –

Spring is coming – – really it is! I know many up North are really ready for Spring to come and visit until Summer arrives.  It has been a long cold, snowy winter for many. Seasons are powerful for us if we look at the messages they send us. Winter can offer cozy times when we can huddle together and …Continue reading →

Life is like a bowl of ….

Have you ever heard the phrase … Life Is Like A Bowl of Cherries? It’s really true. But let’s keep this in perspective. When we hear that phrase what do you think of? Typically we focus on the seeds and not the fruit. But if we focus on the fruit and the ratio to the pits, we can see  that even …Continue reading →

Life is Pretty Much What We Make It!

Life really is pretty much what we make it! That may sound over simplified but think about it. Have you ever seen really happy people who just don’t seem to have anything go wrong in their lives? Do you really think NO ONE pulls out in front of them in traffic?   No.  That happens to them too. Do you really …Continue reading →

What Is The Secret to Having Happiness?

When we ask people what makes them happy – we will typically get almost as many answers as there are people to give the answers. Truth is that it is really different for everyone.  There are some basics of happiness – and the rest are what we call details – and those are specific to each individual specific desires.    The …Continue reading →

The World is Crazy

Have you had that thought lately? When you hear the news and hear of all the horrible things happening, especially all the shootings to murder fellow citizens does it make you wonder what on earth is happening? Well some of us do wonder that. When we wonder this – many of us take the positive side and note that we can change …Continue reading →

Have you EVER?????

Have you ever gotten a new computer … you know, after you have EVERYTHING perfect on your old one – and everything is working fine … well, maybe except the old computer? Yep! I thought so! I just got a new laptop.  Nice.  BUT it has WINDOWS 8.  If you get a new PC – My advice is to NOT TAKE …Continue reading →


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