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Have you EVER?????

Have you ever gotten a new computer … you know, after you have EVERYTHING perfect on your old one – and everything is working fine … well, maybe except the old computer?

Yep! I thought so!

I just got a new laptop.  Nice.  BUT it has WINDOWS 8.  If you get a new PC – My advice is to NOT TAKE WINDOWS 8.  Have them uninstall it and put WINNDOWS 7 on it.  This new WINDOWS 8 is soooo annoying.  It is set up like a tablet.  There’s no start button (anywhere) and it is so hard to find things.  It almost acts like it is not a windows operating system.

So, also right after I got the new lap top with WINDOWS 8, I got a new host – much cheaper – but then I have had to begin moving everything over.  Talk about pressure.  It is amazing.  I am trying to get everything installed on my new PC AND get all my files here on my new laptop… and also get all my sites set up and working on the new hosting site.  I think I wasn’t thinking when I decided to move to a new host at the same time I had all this other going on.

I will be working to get this site set back up — as soon as possible.

Also, I am planning on adding some new features to this site. :)

Come back and check it out . . .

Enjoy and Be Blessed!