Ro Lashua, DTM

Motivational Speaker

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The World is Crazy

Have you had that thought lately?

When you hear the news and hear of all the horrible things happening, especially all the shootings to murder fellow citizens does it make you wonder what on earth is happening?

Well some of us do wonder that.

When we wonder this – many of us take the positive side and note that we can change the world one person at a time.  We need to make sure WE are a positive influence in this world.

Take each day as an opportunity to do random acts of kindness to others.

Take time to listen to others and let them share what’s on their mind.  Too many people are out there hurting because no one in their life has taken time to listen to them.  Families used to sit down at a dining room table and talk.  Too many families stop at a drive through on their way somewhere to do something day after day so we have a generation of people who have not had opportunities to share and communicate with others life families used to do.  I guess I am a bit old fashioned but I think maybe the world might not have so many crazy people if there was more communication through the years of our life.

Think about it and let me hear from you. :)