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Motivational Speaker

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What Is The Secret to Having Happiness?

When we ask people what makes them happy – we will typically get almost as many answers as there are people to give the answers.

Truth is that it is really different for everyone.  There are some basics of happiness – and the rest are what we call details – and those are specific to each individual specific desires.    The basics framework of happiness is selflessness.  I am sure you have heard people say how happy they were when they were giving to others or serving others.  That is a part of the basic framework of happiness.

When you see a very selfish person, who is wrapped up in themselves and what they want and everything is about them – those people are not happy.  They live in a world that is very superficial.  It has no depth and it is not truly satisfying.

The person who is serving others and gives to others has an inner peace and joy that just can’t be gained through selfishness.  That’s a fact.

The second key element of happiness is forgiveness.  That is a deep subject but let’s talk about simple forgiving tasks.  That would be incidents in traffic.  When someone pulls out in front of you in traffic – do you ‘over react’?  Do you get upset and talk about it and continue your rage for a while afterwards?  The ability to NOT over-react is an act of forgiveness and a key to happiness.

So – let’s practice these two keys – being a giving person.  Start out small – start by giving people a smile everyday and build from there.   And then being a forgiving person.  When people cut you off in traffic – practice forgiving them.  Prepare something to say ahead of time so you can have a plan and build forgiving skills.  :)  It really is that easy.