Ro Lashua, DTM

Motivational Speaker

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Life is like a bowl of ….

Have you ever heard the phrase … Life Is Like A Bowl of Cherries?

It’s really true.

But let’s keep this in perspective.

When we hear that phrase what do you think of?

Typically we focus on the seeds and not the fruit.

But if we focus on the fruit and the ratio to the pits, we can see  that even though we will have pits as we call them, those will be the lesser part of our life.

However, if we find that we have more pits in your life than fruit …..that is when it’s time to re-examine life. That is when we need to find where the fruit is – truth it is really there.

What’s important is to look for the fruit at all times.  It is there.

That gives us the ability to see possibilities in life.


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