Ro Lashua, DTM

Motivational Speaker

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Spring – it’s a new season –

Spring is coming – – really it is!

I know many up North are really ready for Spring to come and visit until Summer arrives.  It has been a long cold, snowy winter for many.

Seasons are powerful for us if we look at the messages they send us.

Winter can offer cozy times when we can huddle together and spend some extra time inside with family.

Spring offers times when we open the windows and doors and get some fresh naturally warm air in the house.  It can revive and invigorate us and motivate us.

Fall offer us a beautiful time of year when the colors change and the air begins to get brisk and refreshing from a long hot summer.

Winter begins again and it can offer those cozy times again.

Each season not only offers it’s own benefits but the whole process offers us hope because a new season IS coming!