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What Season Is It?

Here in Florida many of us hold on to each late Spring cold front and thank God for each as a blessing.  You see, here in Florida we have three temperatures.  Hot, Hotter and Hottest.  It is Hot in the Winter, Hotter in the Spring and Hottest in the Summer. 🙂

Those of you who live in the North have the reverse of us here in Florida.  You have cold, colder and coldest.  It is cold or cool in the Summer it is colder in the Fall and it is coldest in the Winter.

We all have our cross to bear.

It works that way in life.  We all have our own plate of ‘stuff’ happening in ‘our’ world.  The ‘stuff’ is different and often we see others and think their life is so much better than ours.  However, truth is their plate is just different.

We should realize this fact of life and give ourselves and others the best gift we can.  That is the gift of contentment.  Be happy where you are.  Be happy with what you have.  Be happy with who you are with.  This doesn’t mean that we can’t strive for better jobs, or nicer homes but to be truly happy we must do it with contentment for where we are.  When we are content in our own skins, our own lives, and our own circumstances, then we are better able to show love and compassion for others.

Have you seen the bumper sticker out there that states ….the person with the most toys wins? Well, that is not true. The one with the most contentment and love for others wins.

Next Winter when you see me sitting on the beach sipping an ice cold drink … just remember our Summer is coming when it is almost too hot to even go to the beach.

Remember this, every season is the perfect season for showing love and compassion to others.  It’s always the season to show that outgoing concern for others.  That never goes ‘out of season’.