Ro Lashua, DTM

Motivational Speaker

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Human Race Commonalities!

Summer can mean different things for different people.

Those from the North relate this as a time of year for enjoying the warm sunny days, the beautiful flower gardens, Summer picnics and if near water at great time at the beach.

For those in the south – especially those in Florida, the Summer days are a drudgery.   Summer mean long, hot, humid days followed by long, hot, humid nights.  We typically run from one air conditioned building to another.  I guess it is much like what the Northern folks do in the winter to keep warm in Winter.

This is also evident when we watch the Travel Channel.  There are two travel guides we especially like that take us from Europe to the far reaches of the World, i.e. Africa, India & China.  As the guides interview the local people we are amazed at the sameness we all share.  The cultures vary from one country and land to another, however we have commonalities.

From this we can see that everything is pretty much your perspective.

In life we all have commonalities – we all want to love and be loved, to work and feel appreciated and to know we have some value somewhere to someone.  When we can see our commonalities, perhaps then we can see we truly are one human race.