Ro Lashua, DTM

Motivational Speaker

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What Is Essential for Success?

When people say they want to succeed – there are variations to what their success actually means to each individual. However, success has a basic underlying definition to grant the individual contentment and a certain level of peace.

Success is not always about money.  It is about peace and happiness.  We too often forget that success is not about money but about filling our intrinsic needs of self worth and inner peace.

There is no magic pill or solution to deriving success in our lives.  There are however, some basic daily guidelines we can inculcate into our lives that will definitely make a difference.

First, we need to make a part of our life’s mission, to seek out what is RIGHT.  In a world where people often seem to believe there is no RIGHT or WRONG, we need to look at our lives and realize there are some things that are RIGHT and some that ARE Wrong!   An example of this would be something, such as, speeding in our car over the speed limit.  That is, something wrong to do.  Driving at or below the limit is right.   The results of wrong doing does have consequences.  Speeding tickets are expensive.  Speeding tickets can add to the drama and the difficulty in our lives.  Making right choices is beneficial to us.

Secondly, as we seek out right choices looking for them each day we must make it our life’s method of operation that the right decisions would be our #1 choice.  Predetermining that the selection each day will be the right decisions, may sound irrelevant but it is key.  Determining ahead of time that our decisions will be the right one needs to be a life motto and a life’s method of operation.  It’s key.  The real key to making right decisions is predetermining that the right decision will be made no matter how difficult it will be, no matter how enticing the wrong activity might be at any moment.  When we predetermine what our choice will be we remove the emotional aspect of our choice and we make a choice because it is the right thing to do.

It is then that we have success in life.  We will live a concise and structured life because the choices are ours and we have made them because they are right.