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Up and Running Again! Hallelujah!!!

Up and running again!  Hallelujah!

There have been some glitches that caused our site to be down.  It was ‘on hold’ even though we had the registration up to date and the hosting was all paid up.  We had to contact the right people to get the issue resolved.

Life is like that.  We have to make the right connections to get things done.   It is important to note that we may not know who we need to contact or where we need to go but we must continue to see out the answer.  This endeavor is a test of patience for sure.  Especially when we don’t know the answer and no one else seems to know either, it can get a bit frustrating.

A word of encouragement for all in 2015.  Be patient and keep pressing forward.  – Remember – Success comes to he who is patient and presses forward! :)