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Motivational Speaker

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Life Gets Hectic! AMEN!

When we say life gets hectic we are really saying that life is so busy we feel a bit overwhelmed.

When I was growing up – many years ago – people would say the new inventions were going to give us more time – especially more leisure time.

So now we have the iphone, ipad, notepads, etc. etc. etc.

What a lot of these inventions have done for us is to keep us constantly connected – and in touch with the world, which can be nice.  However, it can also keep us busy, active, and high strung.

Have we even noticed that we don’t have time any more to sit calmly and think – without outside noises?

Have we even noticed that we don’t have time to sit and meditate?

Have we noticed we don’t have time to relax?

Have we noticed that staying connected controls our lives?  It can control every minute if we let it.

So, let’s put down the phone (or ipad etc) and take a break.  Better yet, turn it OFF – so not alerts sound.  :)

Let’s take time for ourselves and enjoy taking our time to think and relax.

Enjoy and Count Your Blessings!