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Old Year – New Year – New Beginnings! Take Time to Make Changes!

It’s been an interesting 2015!  What a year!  If we look to what has happened we can cite a lot of terror and some were shocking – like the Paris attacks and then the attacks in the USA.

People handle difficult situations differently.  Some will not watch the news – that can reduce some of the trauma but some attacks are so horrific that it’s all over the news and TV and newspapers – like the Paris attacks.  Also, if you live in the city where the terror happens certainly you are affected greater because normal is gone and heightened security is evident.

We all need to know the world around us, however we need to remain positive so we don’t get depressed about the new world we are now living.

Have you heard the story about the frog.  You can boil a frog by putting it in a pot of cold water and gradually raise the temperature.  By the time the frog realizes it is in boiling water they can’t jump out.  By that time their muscles are too weak.

Relating this to us – we need to always be praying and seeking God’s help – not just when we notice the water is boiling around us.  By that time we can’t build up the strength to make it out.  We must build our relationship with Jesus NOW.  Don’t wait.

There is a parable in the Bible about the 10 Virgins.  It states that 5 were wise and 5 were foolish.  The 5 wise were strong and ready for when Jesus came. They were prayed up and filled with the Holy Spirit.  But the 5 foolish were not ready and they did not have the oil (Holy Spirit) to keep their lamps burning.  When they realized they did not have the oil, they left to get more oil and while they were gone, Jesus came and took the wise virgins and took them to the Wedding.  There is a lot of symbolism here but suffice it to say, they were not ready for Jesus.

So, let’s look at 2016 as an opportunity to stay up, pray up, and to listen up to Jesus.  The best way to do this is to read the Bible.

Wisdom comes from hearing the Word.  If we listen to the Word of God then we will be ready for Jesus – who IS the Word of God.

Come Lord Jesus Come!

Action Step:  If reading is difficult – we suggest you  get a copy of the Bible on CD and listen to it at home and in your car etc.  You can buy the Bible to put in your MP3 player.

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